Thursday, May 25, 2017

【h.NAOTO meets MR】

hmMR 【h.NAOTO meets MR】
This new line has lots of lace, delicate fabric, corsets, and asymmetric skirts; creating a new and improved look for the sub style of Ero lolita.  

My thoughts on this new line is that I love the asymmetric skirts and how their are many different layers to them. The Tiered Lace Skirt is my favorite because I love all the different laces and fabrics all together and over lapping for a elegant and light feel. I can also see these skirts being used for Gothic Lolita as well as some Punk Lolita. Another item from this release that caught my attention was the Lace Corset.  The lace is beautiful and very Summery. The ruffles on the corset compliment the lace and the delicateness of the corset. And last but not least the Lace Veil Robe is absolutely stunning. It is nice and light and would go with any summer Coord, form Ero to even Sweet.  

To check everything out you can visit their site here.

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